Website Design

 Most small businesses struggle with their website to a certain extent.  Either the website is outdated in terms of design and functionality or the content is rarely updated because everyone is too busy/doesn’t have the expertise.  There are so many innovative and cost effective new tools available for websites, blogs and online stores lately, from easy to set up databases, a myriad of powerful plugins and beautiful, easy to use templates that your issues should be problems of the past.

Let me set up your website so that it reflects your style–your personality and your way of doing business.  I’ll train you to make your own updates and if you get too busy, I’ll be here to help you out with affordable maintenance plans.  Check out my small business project showcase and the links to the right to get an idea of what I have done for others and know that we can design something together that you LOVE!  Check out the Commercial pricing page to get an cost estimate and then contact me for a proposal!  Don’t forget that we can also built fresh new commercial and portrait photography and appealing copywriting into the estimate!

 Selected Samples 

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